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Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 7

April, 2017

There’s no escaping the reality that unions are at the heart of the fight against climate change. No blind eye turning will help. No heavy hearted ‘jobs-versus-environment’ get outs. Fossil fuels are polluting the very air we breathe. Yet the transition from fossil fuels is ‘neither imminent nor inevitable’, as we report from a new TUED study. Trump has split the US labour movement by reversing President Obama’s ban on two trans-America pipelines. With average wages falling, what’s not to like about Trump’s promises of more oil and more steelmaking jobs?

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 6

February/March, 2017

The tame phrase ‘climate change’ hardly does justice to the universal carbon pollution that is choking our cities, acidifying the oceans, disrupting seasons with unbounded extremes of heat and cold, and magnifying storms and droughts. As we report here, one impact among many is on 140 million people displaced through climate-related disasters in the past six years. The risks will redouble in coming decades, reversing years of development activity and driving up inequality in the global South.


Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 5

Newsletter5ThumbJanuary, 2017

The impact of a Donald Trump presidency has not taken long to emerge. The new White House website refers to an ‘America First Energy Plan’, getting rid of ‘burdensome regulations in our energy industry’ and scrapping Obama’s ‘Climate Action Plan.’ There is no mention of climate change, only the unlimited use of coal, shale gas and oil. The environment is reduced to protecting air and water.


Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 4

newsletterthumb-4December, 2016

The three months since we re-launched the Greener Jobs Alliance has seen quite a few highs and lows. At the international level we had the coming into force of the Paris Agreement at the same time as a victory for Donald Trump in the US elections. Now we’ve had the latest announcement that a climate change sceptic, Scott Pruitt, has been put in charge of the Environment Agency. It has inevitably raised huge concerns about the future direction of US policy.


Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 3

newsletterthumb-3November, 2016

Welcome to the third edition of our newsletter. It has been written against the backdrop of the election result in the USA, and the start of the CoP22 meeting in Marrakech.



Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 2

newsletterno2thumbOctober, 2016

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter. In it we report on debates and decisions at the TUC and Labour Party last month. We also continue our assessment of the steps needed to transform the economy to meet the challenges of a low carbon future.



Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 1

NewsletterThumb 2September 1, 2016

Welcome to the first monthly newsletter from the GJA. We intend to bring you the latest information on trades unions and the environment. You can sign up for these updates by using the CONTACT or REGISTER AS A SUPPORTER tabs above. This is a free service and does not imply agreement with the content of the reports and articles listed. Finally, please contacts us with your views and any updates you would like us to promote. We can be contacted through our email