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Module 1: Causes and Health Impacts of Air Pollution Quiz

#1 According to the World Health Organisation, approximately how many people are killed globally by air pollution?

#2 In the UK approximately how many people die prematurely from air pollution?

#3 A Unicef study revealed that many schools in London are situated in areas with illegal levels of air pollution. Is it:

#4 Smoke and sulphur dioxide from the burning of coal was a problem in many towns in Britain dating back to the:

#5 What year was the ‘Great London Smog’ that killed 4,000 people in one week?

#6 The main cause of the recent resurgence in deadly air pollution in the UK is:

#7 Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM 2.5) are dangerous air pollutants. How many times smaller are they than the width of a human hair?

#8 Air inside buildings can potentially be more dangerous that the air outdoors?

#9 Houseplants are thought to have beneficial effects on indoor air quality?

#10 According to the World Health Organisation what is the cause of most of the deaths related to indoor air pollution?



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